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July 1

San Carlos Cathedral - Mission Carmel

  • Distance: 6 miles

  • Elevation: Ascent 607 ft; Descent 591 ft

  • Schedule: Schedule: 7:00 Breakfast/Pack; 8:00 Depart; 11:00 Arrival; 12:00 Mass; 1:00 Tour/Lunch; 4:00 Departure (Arrive to San Jose by 6:00)

  • Description: The final stretch!  We will get an early start to get down to Mission Carmel in time to celebrate the feast of St Junipero Serra!  Today’s journey consists mostly of neighborhood roads, until we get to Mission Trail Park, where we walk through the woods on the Serra Trail right to the door of the Mission.  There aren’t many places for rest stops or water, but it is a short walk – just two or three hours.  As on other days, it can be foggy or overcast; be prepared for weather fluctuations.  With the exception of a couple parts with traffic, it is a safe day for families. 

  • Departure: Transportation will be provided to get back to San Jose by 6pm.  There will be no accommodations provided this night.

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