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June 25
St Mary of the Immaculate Conception -Christ Child Catholic Church

  • Distance: 9.5 miles

  • Elevation: Ascent 1,670 ft; Descent 220 ft

  • Schedule: 7:30 Breakfast/Pack; 9:00 Mass; 10:00 Depart; 5:00 Arrival; 6:00 Dinner; 8:00 Adoration and Rest

  • Description: Today’s journey is not too long, but it’s probably the most difficult of the Camino because of the climb up the Santa Cruz Mountains.  We begin by getting back on the Los Gatos Creek Trail for about 3½ miles.  Then we take Old Santa Cruz Hwy 5 miles up the mountains through a beautiful redwood forest.  About three-quarters up the hill we will take a lunch break at Patchen Christmas Tree Farm where we can rest in the shade and use the facilities.  Lastly, we take Summit Rd for less than a mile to arrive at Christ Child Church.  Because of the climb and some traffic on the roads today is not very recommended for families.  Most of the route in the woods is pretty shady, but typically still nice and warm. 

  • Accommodations: Christ Child Catholic Church: 23230 Summit Road, Los Gatos. We will sleep on the parish hall floor.  Church bathrooms and pop up showers will be available.  
    Suggested hotels for those not staying at the above provided accommodations:

    Garden Inn: 46 E Main St. Los Gatos 408-354-6446
    Toll House: 140 S. Santa Cruz Ave Los Gatos  855-516-1090
    (No hotels available on the summit)

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