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June 26
Christ Child Catholic Church - St. John's Catholic Church

  • Distance: 15 miles

  • Elevation: Ascent 190 ft; Descent 1,857 ft

  • Schedule: 7:00 Breakfast/Pack; 8:30 Mass; 9:00 Depart; 5:00 Arrival; 6:00 Dinner; 9:00 Rest

  • Description: Today’s walk is almost entirely downhill.  We will walk along Summit Rd for two miles and then down Mountain Charlie Rd and Bean Creek Rd, which are small one-lane roads winding through a beautiful redwood forest.  The last three miles will be on Mount Hermon Rd, which is a little bigger, but has large shoulders.  Traffic is minimal, so it could be a good day for families, but it is a long day.  Most of the route is in the woods, so it is shady, but typically still nice and warm.  Rest stops will be limited. 

  • Accommodations: St John’s Catholic Church: 120 Russell Ave, Felton.  We will sleep on the parish hall floor.  Church bathrooms and pop-up showers will be available. 
    Suggested hotels for those not staying at the above provided accommodations:

    Fern River Inn: 5250 Highway 9 Felton 831-457-1234
    Hilton Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley: 6001 La Madrona Dr. Felton 855-680-3239

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