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June 30
St Jude Catholic Church – San Carlos Cathedral

  • Distance: 9 miles

  • Elevation: Ascent 121 ft; Descent 164 ft

  • Schedule: 8:00 Mass; 9:00 Breakfast/Pack; 10:00 Depart; 4:30 Arrival; 5:30 Dinner; 7:00 Solemn Vespers/Adoration/Rest

  • Description: Today’s journey is quite short, but it will give us some extra time to visit Monterey upon arrival.  Departing from St Jude’s, we walk a mile through town, and then about four miles on the Monterrey Peninsula Recreation Trail, which parallels the beach just behind the beautiful dunes.  Near Seaside we can go back onto the beach for the last four miles into Monterey.  Today’s route is safe for families and there are plenty of places for rest stops and water.  If it’s sunny it should be nice and warm, but the marine layer at the ocean can also make it overcast and chillier.  Be prepared to get wet if you want to go in the ocean. 

  • Accommodations: San Carlos Cathedral: 500 Church St, Monterey.  We will sleep on the cathedral hall floor. Church bathrooms and pop-up showers will be available. 

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